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Frequently asked questions

1. Who should do Digital Marketing course?

Digital Marketing course is for anyone who’s looking at learning & leveraging Digital Marketing for individual or organizational growth.

2. Who will award the certification in Digital Marketing?

The certification will be offered by Areva Digital.

3. What kind of practical experience will I get in this digital marketing course?

In this training program, you will get to experience live projects to master various aspects of Online Marketing. These opportunities include running live Advertising (e.g. Google, Facebook) campaigns, performing live SEO audit, creating Social Media Strategy, practicing various tools and exercises based on real-life case studies. You may also get an opportunity to do an internship with any of our corporate clients based on your availability and their requirement.

4. I don’t have a website or a blog. How will I learn hands-on in this program?

No problem. You are not alone. We will begin your program with you creating your own blog so that you can apply the learnings of this internet marketing course practically.

5. What’s the salary range for professionals in this industry?

At an entry level, a student or a fresher who may not be even a graduate starts his/her career as an Executive and earns between Rs 1.5 – 4 Lakhs salary per annum in India. At a Head position, salary rises to as high as Rs 30 Lacs based on profile.

6. Will I be able to clear Google AdWords & Analytics Certifications & HubSpot

  • Yes, as mentioned earlier, participation in this course will help you prepare & pass 6 of the Google AdWords Certifications and Google Analytics Certification along with HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification through our relevant core and
    specialization modules.

7. Can I offer Digital Marketing services as a freelancer after doing this course?

Yes, you can choose to be a freelancer and offer digital marketing services to clients.

8. I am not an Engineer and don’t know Programming. Will I be able to do this course?

You don’t need to know technology at all or come from engineering/technical background or be an MBA to be successful in digital media.

9. I am a Marketing Professional with 5+ years of experience. Should I learn Digital Marketing?

You don’t need to know technology at all or come from engineering/technical background or be an MBA to be successful in digital media.

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